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  • Rogue Soul Rogue Soul 58 plays Rogue Soul is a cool side-scrolling jump and run platform game in which you have to put your heart and soul in it to help the rewarded thief to become more famous by stealing lots of treasures. Dash through the city, pick up lots of cash and useful items to fight off all guardians. Much fun.
  • Home Sheep Home 2: Lost .. Home Sheep Home 2: Lost .. 50 plays The funny Home Sheep Home series returns. In this sequel our lovely three jumbucks Shirley, Shaun and Timmy are lost in the underground. Use their special skills in teamwork and guide one after another to the exit in each stage. Enjoy Home Sheep Home 2: Lost Underground.
  • Siegius Arena Siegius Arena 43 plays Enter the gladiator arena and fight with no mercy your way through a bloody mess to earn your freedom. Try to survive as long as you can and collect coins to purchase upgrades, armor and weapons. Enjoy Siegius Arena.
  • Disaster Will Strike 2 Disaster Will Strike 2 46 plays Disaster Will Strike 2 is here and so it's time to bring some natural catastrophes over the foolish eggs again. In the second installment of the funny physics-based puzzle game you have to create various crazy disasters to destroy their safehouse, so that the eggs will break, too. Much fun
  • Freeway Fury 2 Freeway Fury 2 52 plays Freeway Fury 2 is another crazy action-packed racing game made by Serius Games. Jump from vehicle to vehicle, do crazy stunts, earn points and speed down each stretch of the freeway in a blind fury. Enjoy!
  • Gala Hotel Gala Hotel 62 plays n/a
  • Happy Tower Happy Tower 57 plays n/a
  • Ultraman Go Go Ultraman Go Go 80 plays Ultraman is a hero, fearless, kind, and powerful incarnation, is the angel of keeping the universe peace and eradicating the evil powers. But did you know or not that their invincible begin from practising Jumping Ladder.
  • Ultraman Space Battle Ultraman Space Battle 108 plays In the distant planet, Ultraman needs to cope with dangerous mechanical monster attacks
  • Ultraman VS Monster Ultraman VS Monster 83 plays Sea world suffered the invasion of monster, and brave ultraman need to get through the dangerous water area. Please help him to pass and complete the arduous task.
  • Ultraman Twins Ultraman Twins 83 plays To catch monsters, Ultraman brothers came to an unknown world, but get lost and separated. Please help them reunite!
  • Go go ultraman Go go ultraman 70 plays Do you know how high Ultraman can jump? Test it and have fun!\n
  • Ultraman vs Alien Ultraman vs Alien 79 plays Ultraman was trapped in alien's prison, let's help him get out of trouble and run away! Come on!
  • Ultraman Space Fighting Ultraman Space Fighting 115 plays Monsters started a new wave of invasion , hurriedly summoned Ultraman, a straightforward battle!they can defeat the monster. Defeat all the monsters, completed all levels.
  • Ultraman 6 Ultraman 6 83 plays 6th installment of the game Ultraman. Again, fight as Ultraman and rescue the city against your enemies.\n
  • Ultraman exit Ultraman exit 83 plays Help this cute Ultraman find the way to exit! Different skills are needed to complete levels! \n
  • Ultraman vs monsters Ultraman vs monsters 72 plays Monsters are destroying the world, heroes are coming to save our city!\n
  • Ultraman vs Robot Ultraman vs Robot 235 plays It is a really disaster that robots take control of the little town! Please help ultraman find and eliminate all the robots!

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